Top HVAC Repair
Top HVAC Repair

A Guide to Choosing the Best HVAC Contractor


A HVAC contractor installs and maintains equipment to do with heating and ventilation a well as air conditioning. This includes equipment such as boilers, furnaces, an air conditioner, etc. When looking for a HVAC contractor, consider the following tips.


To get a good contractor, check with other contractors that you know, like an electrician or plumber. They always know each other and always willing to give recommendations whenever need be. Working with a contractor who has been recommended by a colleague will assure the client that the contractor will do a good job. You can also ask colleagues at work or neighbors within your locality if they have a HVAC contractor who has been servicing their equipment like an AC, a boiler, etc. Another source to look up for air conditioning long island contractor is using the internet. Visit a few websites and social media pages. Remember to read the reviews and feedback provided by other clients before contacting the contractor.


Avoid a contractor who tries to quote the work over a telephone call. A good contractor should visit the site where the equipment is going to be installed, access the works to be done, the ducting if it is an air conditioner, and several other aspects. The HVAC contractor should also know the type of equipment that needs to be installed or serviced before giving a quote. Be wary of a contractor who keeps insisting that they have been doing the same work for many years, therefore know what they are doing. Remember that the contractor has not worked for you again, so take it that you have no experience with the contractor.


Evaluate the quotations and pick the best HVAC Contractor Long Island. If you are installing new equipment, consider essential aspects such as warranty of the equipment. You should also obtain a warranty card detailing the duration of the warranty and what is covered under warranty. Picking a contractor with the least amount quote does not necessarily mean the contractor will deliver the best services. Compare several other points such as delivery schedule, maintenance period, how long will the contractor offer free service and maintenance after the equipment has been installed? Go for quality goods and services, other than focusing more on the price.


The contractor you pick should also have a valid license to operate and carry out the works, as well as insurance cover that will protect your premises against any damage during the installation or maintenance of the equipment. If the contractor does not have the necessary certifications, consider looking for another HVAC contractor.